Does an empty can rattle the most?

Hmm? I’m not sure, that depends on whether or not it’s still lined with epoxy resin, acrylic, polyester or heaven forbid, BPA!!???
Once again another discovery that makes my blood literally boil!
You might be horrified to discover that some tins/cans depending on whether you are UK/US are still lined with either a type of polymer (Petroleum derived ester) or Bisphenol A (BPA)? This is to prevent the contents of the can reacting with the metal and starting a corrosive reaction!
Most of you know about BPA as the internet is rife with scares about this chemical but you may not be aware that tins are still lined with other plastics?
I just wanted to bring it to your attention for those of you still unaware that yes, they are still lined with plastic. Bad for you, Bad for the environment!
Yet again another reason for all shops, grocers, supermarkets etc to embrace and transition to refill stations such as the current trial at the Waitrose in Oxford where the products you are coming to refill with are either in a glass container or BPA and pthalate free plant derived cellulose based plastic receptacle.
Please read on to find out more in this very informative article about polyester polymers etc. The article contains many links to other websites for cross referencing and to get a less biased and/or more informed opinion of where they got their sources of data from.
Here is the article:
If you want to go on to argue that most tin cans now use acrylic and or polyester, well polyester is still a petroleum derived polymer and only becomes a polymer after undergoing a chemical process where reactive monomers are changed into polymers.
Many argue that these monomers, even though apparently locked in, can still leach out and pose a danger to the health of humans and all other biological life forms and it doesn’t take much exposure either!

These monomers are highly reactive and highly toxic and considered as carcinogens so the clothes you wear if containing polyester might be a cause for concern if Polyester is listed as one of the fabric’s materials?
As always go and do your own research so as to make your own informed decision. Not all inventions are that great for us or the planet as we are very rapidly and very regularly now coming to know as the actual truth rather than the lies we have been fed since time immemorial!
You can read more about polyester polymers and monomers here:

*Disclaimer: I am neither responsible for the content appearing on the pages reached via these links and neither am I affiliated with anything or anyone appearing or pertaining to the information therein. As always I advise you to dig deeper if you so wish and please feel free to comment, clarify or even correct if you discover something counter to the information in both my article and the links provided? I am always open to others opinions and we are free to discuss and openly debate in a healthy manner so as to reach a concensus.

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